Our identity

Laurent Isal & Partners, founded in 1990, advise managers, shareholders and investors on their growth operations, merger and acquisition and private equity.

Our business model is based on the idea of ​​a "boutique Law Firm" to strengthen, proximity, responsiveness, thoroughness, flexibility, creativity and pragmatism.

Laurent Isal & Partners develops its economic model:

A qualitative approach to ultra high level

Teams of highly specialized, highly reactive with the senior partner remains the sole representative of our client.

The spirit of our “boutique Law Firm” , this is an absolute will to achieve the “customized” by offering innovative solutions, scalable and tailored to the specific client.

Our approach is very “Business” providing solutions to operational constraints of our clients.

This is because we also had the experience of leading companies in France and abroad, before creating our firm, we have a mindset of business leaders, and we are able to understand the economic realities and constraints of the overall environment of our customers.

We are able to be operational on issues like the simplest to the most complex and strategic.

Our operational approach also converges to the economic interest of our clients.

We are very keen to learn in depth about our customers and their internal organization which creates a real bond and optimizing the quality of our services and costs attached.

This allows better control our billing methodology and quality of our services.

A transversal approach to our business:

It appeared, at the creation of our firm that our clients wanted us to have a transversal approach in developing solutions that we advocate including during the phases of negotiations within the framework of investment transactions or divestitures including in crisis situations.

We have developed a cross experience in business law including corporate law and French and international tax in particular to optimize our solutions and anticipate any tax or risk litigation.

Our identity: the right and put our experience to the “economic”.

Our identity: a law firm totally independent from which we built our own international network

Our identity: highlight solutions in the economic interest of our clients without dogmatism.