Creation & monitoring of legal Companies

We bring our skill or just resting on some or all of the following missions:

  • incorporation of companies;
  • organization of power in the business, social mandates, governance choices;
  • pacts associated: a right to information, participation in decisions or financial periods of non-transferability, rights of first refusal, tag-along commitments, contractual valuation method, protection of minority group relations of associated rights and obligations ofinstitutional investors, promises to purchase and sale;
  • followed by the secretariat of the General Counsel, isolated or part of a group: boardmeetings, general meetings, decisions of sole members, relationships with auditors,monitoring of regulated agreements, various modifications of the statutes, of financial transactions that may affect the equity, financial restructuring by way of contribution or merger, intercompany agreements, piloting omniums financial, general services andgeneral definition of the transfer policy;
  • changing relationships between different types of partners / shareholders: family,industrial, financial, staff assembled in the capital;
  • financial policy in favor of the shareholder;
  • mothballed, dissolution, voluntary liquidation;
  • golden shares, golden parachutes …
  • employee stock plans
  • political trans-generational
  • specific obligations of companies making public offerings
  • management of multinational groups