Crisis situation

Laurent Isal & Partners offers advice on of situations of breakdown between shareholders requiring, for example, the establishment of management expertise, an ad hoc mandate or transaction.

We work well on litigation related to a business transfer that resulted in a breakdown of talks, the implementation of warranties, enforcement or breach of a protocol.

We also operate in the following situations:

  • Legal assistance in negotiating restructuring plans within the protective framework of settlement or of ad hoc mandate, assistance in dealing with the legal representatives, negotiation and drafting of Memorandum of Understanding;
  • Formalization around solutions:
    • restructuring of the debtor:
      • spreading of the main plan liabilities and arrears including banking, making new guarantees and reallocation of existing safeguards,
      • capital increase by incorporation of debts, including current account, as well as trade payables and bank
      • assignment, subrogation, delegation, waiver, asset sales,
    • after restructuring, sale of the company or backing of a financial or industrial partner:negotiating the terms of the transaction and drafting of contractual documentation.