The negotiation of contracts

The major concern of Isal Lawrence & Associates is to secure your business development by placing your strategic partnerships in a rational, robust and sustainable.

In general, Laurent Isal & Associates comes at your side of the upstream and downstream of the proposed partnership:

  • oversee talks
  • identify specific regulations applicable
  • assist you in negotiations
  • formalize written agreements

We have just resting on some or all of the following tasks, as required:

  • pre-contractual stage: identifying the issues of future partnership, identify and improvethe law applicable to your business, developing the contractual framework retainingoptimal depending on legislation, identifying competent partners in the future partner,establish agreements preparatory to protect information assets and company(confidentiality agreement, non-solicitation of employees, bargaining agreement …), write the letter of intent, prepare for negotiations (simulations, specifications …)
  • contracting with the partner: assist you in negotiations, drafting contract documents
  • assist you in signing during the commercial: identify changes with respect to the initial situation and draftingamendments, identify any breaches committed by the partner and assess the appropriateness of the notify, identify methods of transmission of the contract
  • at the end of the contract or at its strength: developing scenarios output and support the implementation